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A Martian Princess captive
Dejah Thoris is property of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Chio and Gloria Santa Cruz are my property.
Gloria was a good friend of Gerson, Chio´s godfather, and she was a very intelligent woman, Master Teacher at Chio´s university and professor of Literature.
She made good friends with Zip and both shared their love for Burroughs books as well as Tolkien. When Gloria met Chio it was love at first sight, due to the 
magnificent build of the young girl,that make a wild contrast with her natural sweetness. It was natural, once Zip introduced Chio to the professor Santa Cruz,
a mutual simpathy. Chio knew about the Burroughs books and when she expressed her like toward the character Dejah Thoris, Gloria was like wow and had
her chance, reality, almost imposing Chio to dress like Dejah, for her. Chio was a bit reluctant at the beginning, but agreed at the end.
That was an intense afternoon for Chio, since Mrs Santa Cruz was determined to control the young muscular girl and was relentless to let her go away after Chio
showed on the skimpy and sexy outfit.  Gloria added some golden chains to make Chio a bit more uneasy, but excited as well.
"More than my will be my captive" whispered Gloria, while holding the chains firmly.
"So be it..." answered a taken Chio.
Hope you enjoy this piece.
Doctor Aphra
Doctor Aphra is property of Lucasfilm/Disney.
She is a twisted archaeologist, ambitious,selfcentered and kinda evil. However, Aphra has a particular charm and really won my heart, since the first time I met her...hehe.
I saw her on the third number of comic book Darth Vader, when the Lord Sith looked for her help in locate the old droid factory at Geonosis. Doctor Aphra admired Dart Vader,
really I think, at this point she have some kind of sick devotion toward the Lord Sith. That way, the archaeologist never doubted to follow Vader on his crusade.
I still need to buy many comic books, from the 25 run, but what I knew was that Vader finally killed doctor Aphra, expeeling her to space...without a spacesuit...but was Aphra
killed? No...she managed to avoid death, of course without Vader knowing it. Aphra now kept her own way, but tries to avoid be near to Dart Vader path.
Love this rogue girl and think she deserves an animated version...or even a live action appear on some movie...who knows...could be.
Im your Boss
Hugo, Norma and Cecilia are my property.
After have a great summer vacation, Hugo wasnt ready to let Norma go away, so the young boy decided to go visit her at her buffet. It was a bit hard for Norma to deny, because Hugo`s mom was new lawyer there and she was the investor too. Norma was clever enough to avoid any serious trouble with Nadine now. The mature woman wanted her friend Cecilia to distract the eager boy, but it was useless...Hugo wanted Norma...period. Hugo confronted Norma alone and declared..."Im your Boss" with a smile. The woman simply obey, feeling really excited and admiring the young one determination.
Summer Fever
Norma, Hugo, Carmen, Carlo, Mariela and Pablo, are my property.
It is a very Hot summer here in Peru, and young hacker Hugo wanted to make his move -aided by his brothers, Carlo and Pablo - in order to invite mature amazon Norma to a very Hot summer vacation.
Norma was very relentless to accept the younger invitation, as well as all of his previous attempts to date her. Norma was polite, but still such attitude was bothersome for her sisters, who had great moments with
Hugo´s brothers. Mariela in particular was severe with her younger sis and convinced to accept.
The vacation began so hot, because Pablo took Mariela towel by force, making her laugh. Carlo took photos to sexy Carmela and Hugo teared Norma jeans for her to show off her beautiful legs.
At the end the young boys and the mature amazons will have great time.
Own me if you dare
Synx is property of Chimera Synx.
I was sketching some Synx pieces and enjoyed this pose so much, I had to finish and post. Not pieces of Synx last year, so I think its great and cool to post two on the row. I favor more a female Synx, and in this case, the cute delicious thing is playing with an unseen viewer, maybe even tempting him...or her to take an advantage. It could be a risk to play with Synx, but to many its a risk worth taking.
"Own me if you dare...Are you man or woman enough to such a task? Lets see if you can laugh...or ultimately moan...
Lets see if its your tune I follow at the end...or if its your end what follows such attempt..."
Some weeks ago I read about DC decision to reveal Wonder Woman's bisexuality. I thought its ok,no problem at all. In my opinion,it was just obvious and natural. The golden age WW comics showed lots of mild bondage-and sometimes pretty obvious scenes heeh- but nothing about Diana's sexuality. Not openly,of course. Another time.
In the Rebirth comics, Wonder Woman is treated with a more honest approach,that involves that sexual fact with really good taste.  Same with the supberb Wonder Woman one  shot Year One.
That revelation didn't make me love less to Wonder Woman...never. She remains my all time favorite super heroine!  What I personally think weaken the amazon, was when they put her in lame stories losing her mind for a guy,just like a teen in love. She is a woman,of course,but she is a warrior too .
Great thing her stories have become astounding in the recent years , making justice to our loved Amazon ,as well as confirming her status as an Icon and as integral part of the DC's Trinity.


Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
I´m a professional Illustrator. I work both in traditional and digital form and enjoyed them both. I like muscular women,sci fi,paranormal,Werewolves,super heroes and each time it is possible,likes to draw about them. In present times I´m working in a comic book and some other projects,related directly with my main inspirations. Soon I hope to share them all with all the deviants.

Current Residence: Lima- PERU
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Print preference: 12 x 19
Favourite genre of music: gothic, classic, contemporary adult,incidental music-soundtracks-,New Age
Favourite style of art: realistic in general, some toon style sometimes
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck, Doraemon
Personal Quote: There is always a future


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universal85 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017
Hi there.I just thought of something for an interesting concept of my ideas to you with muscular females and anthros. To make the art sensual the atmosphere should be in the style of perfume and lotion commericals and like near a swimming pool when the light and water reflect on the walls,and when you expect to hear a slow soft playing saxophone.I came up with the idea when I was listening to a soft beautiful and relaxing song called I'd never thought I'd see the day by a lady artist named sade. You should listen to it and see what I mean.
Dracowhip Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey cool,Sade is not just beautiful and classy,but an astounding singer,too . She is among my bro fave female singers. Ive heard many of her songs...and yeah,she would add class and sensuality to a sexy anthro scene woha.💜😉
marcioo9 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Artist

This might interest You - since you like monster babes like xenos maybe you'll consider to draw in future Wraith from Evolve?…

Dracowhip Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Woha wonderful,my friend...would try to make my rendering by january. Looks very a weird way,of course. Thanks a lot!!! Have a great new 2017!!!👍🎆🎉😉
marcioo9 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Wow I'm glad that you liked my suggestion! :) Thanks and Happy New Year to you too ;)
Dracowhip Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Thats really hot 👍
bodyscissorfan Featured By Owner Edited Dec 11, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for watching mate. I just wanted to let you know that I have seen your awesome work on Amy's Conquest a long time back. So along my way to your profile I thought I would see some more amazing femdom action. However as I explored your gallery I found to my surprise that there isn't much FvM action going on in there. Why only do muscle pose, tease, romantic moments or just FvF action? For example I observed your OC couple Chio and Zip pretty minutely and I can say with assurance that it would have been extremely gratifying to watch Chio put Zip in his place from time to time using those massive legs on her (bodyscissor, otk backbreaker, romero etc). She can use are large arms as well of course (all sorts of bearhugs, full nelson, canadian backbreaker etc.) It doesn't hurt to do something different rom time to time and reach out to other communities as well. I for one would surely love to see your art tilt towards femdom every now and then. I mean with your level of skills, it's such a waste if you don't draw your beautiful burly powerful women punishing their lesser male counterparts. Know that I am saying all this since I truly enjoy your style of art. It's exquisite. It's so good that it almost hurts me seeing it not being put to use in drawing bonafide femdom art, hence all this whining. Hope you don't mind.       
Dracowhip Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey no its ok,my friend,all input and comments are pretty welcome. I draw everything that please and enjoy me,just like anyone make. Of course,as an illustrator I need money hehe,so the commissions and plain artistic work come to help. I love muscular women,but with a twist,since my girls arent overpowered enforcers. They are strong and they fight,as Franzy, Molly and Goticka may attest. But my style differs from others who fill the internet with powerful muscular girls overpowering weaker men and women. Its ok and cool,but there are plenty of them,besides its too obvious,at least for my standards. I decided to make my own,that is muscular women in love with smaller,weaker guys,who enjoys their company and,at times,take control of the relationship. Then I put my muscular girls under control of smaller weaker young girls and older ladies,too. That way I reserved the typical strong girl in control for commissions and work. To me thats a clever way to exercise all kinds of muscular girl possibilities and keep myself fresh and comfortable,without doing something that not represent my own essence and will. There is a vast field of muscular girls themes outhere,and I choose to do my own. Of course,I dont deny anything,and at some point could exercise another "muscle",but not so soon yup.💪😆👍
FAP77 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016
Muchas gracias por el watch :D
Dracowhip Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
De nada 👍😉
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