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Rogue Huntress
Predator is property of 20TH Century Fox. G'hanya is my creation.

G'hanya belongs to the Dummnar Thyl Clan
Heights: 6'3   Her age-in human terms- 28

This piece I made with watercolors over White canson.

G'hanya is a Young but experienced Yautja huntress, who lost her parents after a vicious attack of a goup of Bad Blood Warriors. Being alone in the Yautja Dummar Thyl clan wasnt pleased, since she had to be really tough and resilient to survive, and being able to receive the support of another family that would feel her as a promising pretender. It wasnt a walk in the park for G'hanya, but she overpowered her fellow teens and was praised as a future leader. A couple of Elders took her under their protection and gave her education and training. G'hanya had one only desire in her look for, find and kill the Bad Bloods that killed her parents. But the girl was patient, she was relentless and strong. The yautja girl became a praised xenomorph huntress, nearly killing a Queen after a failed incursión on a nest, saving two male Warriors in the process. But all that were empty victories for G'hanya.
Her bravest adventure became when she was part of a cadre of skillfull Warriors, that were selected to hunt a well armed group of humans on a jungle soil. Unknown territory and bad odds was a challenge, and the girl was eager to test her abilities to the limit. Soon she will be ready to face her destiny.
My Bond to Muscle
Sylvia Castello, at center, Chio and Pochita, on the right, Pablo and Giorgio, on the left, are my property.
Pochita met Chio when she was attending public school. She was 12 then, and Chio 11. They became friends when some bullies girls began teasing and ultimately beat Pochita, making her fall ti the ground. From nowhere Chio appeared and , even being smaller than the bullies, gave them the beating of their lives. Some broken noses taught them to neber again mess with Pochita and Chio. Unfortunately, after that Chio was grounded, but a long lasting friendship was born. Both girls had their own burden. Pochita was the fourth of six brothers and sisters and her father was absent almost the whole time, appearing only to ask for money,hardly gained by her mother. At times even beat her, in front of Pochita. When told that to Chio, the slim girl made fun of the situation, telling she would like Chio to be there to beat the old drunken, but then became somber again.
It was hard for Pochita, but she was strong. Chio promised her she will be by her side...always. Chio was a girl of her word.
If there was something that made Pochita feel great it wqas the time when a new teacher arrived. Miss Sylvia Castello. She was muscular, tall, wild and very tender and lovable. It was then that Chio was told by Pochita herself, that she was a lesbian. That had made her life a bit hard at times, however her mother was there supporting her, as well as her three sisters. Her older brother wasnt aware and really wasnt that interested and her other brother wasnt happy with that, but avoided to express himself much about the issue.
Chio was there to help and used to find any situation to make Ms Castell be near Pochita, as much as it was possible. Chio worked hard and Pochita smiled with her effort. Sylvia Castello was a smart woman and realized about the cute complot, so decided to talk with Pochita after class hours.
The young girl was all excited and eager. She was 13 when taht happened and awaited for her lady on the park located behind the school.
Not longer Sylvia appeared and approached Pochita. She was an imposing woman, red haired, green eyes. It was a big surprise to Pochita that she was alone. She said Chio Ms Castello was her Boudica, and both laughed in accord. Sylvia was 29 then.
What made Pochita nervous was the fact that Sylvia had lose her bright smile and looked unpleased. That was like bad news for her.
Sylvia Castello was all polite and tender, but told Pochita that, even when her attentions and love were wonderful and made her feel honored and happy, the idea of a relationship between them both was impossible, because of their age difference. Pochita was silent, hearing many words about all the wrong and uneasy this relationship would be. The young girl heared all that and put on her feet and run away. She didnt hear Sylvia  never mentioned the same sex issue as a reason or that they couldnt have anything serious...for the present moment. 
Chio was at the other side of the park and hugged her friend with tenderness. Chio noticed Sylvia Castello stay still, seated on the bench, unable to do any other thing, but avoiding to go after her.
The following days Pochita was more cold with Sylvia and she was the one who tried to com closer to her or see if the girl was ok.
It would be a matter of days to see what could come of this...
This story will continue...
Strict governess
Jecca and Mrs Theresa are my property.
This piece is done withcolor pencils over white drawing board.
Jecca used to relax at home with jeans, shorts or simply with her thong and a top. Little did she imagined her mother employed a new extremely strict governess to take care and organize their home. Mrs Theresa was not just severe, but she disliked Jecca and her muscular friends and the clothes they used to wear. So, now that she is in charge, she took her duty seriously and her mission was to restrict and punish Jecca and her gals in the most violent and humiliating way. Of course, Jecca could get free at any moment from the grumpy old lady...or maybe she does not want to.
Dont leave
Chio and Zip are my property. Wonder Woman is property of DC Comics.
This piece I made using watercolors over white canson.  The Wonder Woman comic was digital manipulated and adapted on the piece.
With the Wonder Woman movie so near, and knowing about Zip`s love toward the character,Chio wanted to surprise him with a box of old comics her mom found in their attic. Many were WW old issues...quite a find! That way the young amazon gave that as a gift to her boyfriend. As a bonus she used a sexy attire resembling the heroine. Zip enjoyed the gift, but more to look at her own personal Amazon wearing so sexy clothes...and hugged her powerful legs, decided to force her to stay the night. More a sexy move than a need, since Chio loved him and enjoying his advances.
Mommy Driller
Franzy, Molly and Agnes Driller are my property.
This graphite was like a funny view to Mother Day, besides, it was a way long that I didnt draw a piece of Franzy and her friends and foes. On this one, I introduce you to the tough mother of Molly and Polly Driller. This old woman is really strong and relentless and dont like Franzy much. After all, she is her children´s main nemesis. Agnes has no super powers, but dreamed on destroy Franzy real bad. Molly had a clever idea...why not use part of the technology that gave  her and her sister, those terrible prosthesis ? But in her mother´s case, a powerful gauntlet. That way, the tough old lady could deal with Franzy and humiliate her real good. Bad and painful news for sweet Franzy. By the way, I was considering seriously doing some pieces with Franzy winning her battle with the mean Molly. What do you think about?
Some weeks ago I read about DC decision to reveal Wonder Woman's bisexuality. I thought its ok,no problem at all. In my opinion,it was just obvious and natural. The golden age WW comics showed lots of mild bondage-and sometimes pretty obvious scenes heeh- but nothing about Diana's sexuality. Not openly,of course. Another time.
In the Rebirth comics, Wonder Woman is treated with a more honest approach,that involves that sexual fact with really good taste.  Same with the supberb Wonder Woman one  shot Year One.
That revelation didn't make me love less to Wonder Woman...never. She remains my all time favorite super heroine!  What I personally think weaken the amazon, was when they put her in lame stories losing her mind for a guy,just like a teen in love. She is a woman,of course,but she is a warrior too .
Great thing her stories have become astounding in the recent years , making justice to our loved Amazon ,as well as confirming her status as an Icon and as integral part of the DC's Trinity.


Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
I´m a professional Illustrator. I work both in traditional and digital form and enjoyed them both. I like muscular women,sci fi,paranormal,Werewolves,super heroes and each time it is possible,likes to draw about them. In present times I´m working in a comic book and some other projects,related directly with my main inspirations. Soon I hope to share them all with all the deviants.

Current Residence: Lima- PERU
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Print preference: 12 x 19
Favourite genre of music: gothic, classic, contemporary adult,incidental music-soundtracks-,New Age
Favourite style of art: realistic in general, some toon style sometimes
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck, Doraemon
Personal Quote: There is always a future


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